Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I don't share desserts, but I'll share Paris

Paris is a great city to wander around and get lost in . . . with the right person.  While Gabby was in town I did my best not to steer us in the wrong direction (which is very difficult sometimes) since we were doing so much walking to begin with.  We really got to explore a lot of the city together.  Spending time in the Left Bank: lazying in Luxembourg Gardens, champagne on the terrace at Les Deux Magots, macaroons from Pierre Hermes and of course some World Cup football games.  We also visited Pere Lachaise cemetery up in the 20th arrondissement and Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th.  We had a picnic on the Seine one night and shopped les Puces de Saint-Ouen (the famous Parisian flea market).  In the Marais we shopped and spent some time in the Place des Vosges then ate "the best Falafal in the world!" from the famed L'As du Fallafe- delicious!

We even got to experience two different seasons!  It was around 50 degrees and rainy the first weekend we were in Paris together and more than 80 degrees and sunny by the time we returned from Amsterdam.  Paris really comes alive in the Summer though, so it was great that she got to experience that before she left.  It was truly a wonderful time!

I'm not quite sure if I changed her mind about Paris, but I did my damnedest to show her how amazing the city can be and I think a bit of it rubbed off on her.  Paris is magical and I think it may have ruined me for other cities...


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