Monday, July 5, 2010

Friendly observations

I have an extra special treat for you today!  Gabby, who was just here visiting, has been kind enough to write a couple of guest posts about her experience.  It's always nice to get another person's perspective on things and sharing trips with a friend is a great way to see the world through someone else's eyes.

Ok, take it away Gabby!

10 Observations:

1) Renting a phone- after converting to a blackberry a little over a year ago you realize how hard it is to text on an old school phone.
2) French people do really smell bad - experienced that first hand on my 9 hour flight over.
3) I realized that I had the largest girls in Paris. Did not realize that all French girls were flat-chested.  (Ed note: not ALL French girls)
4) Renting bikes looks fun until you're the dipshit that runs into a parked car (Ed note: secret's out!)
5) If you think 3 Eiffel Tower key chains for 1 Euro is a good deal, you're wrong, you can get 5 for 1, but then you realize WTF am I gonna do with 5 Eiffel Tower key chains.
6) If you are going to over pack, at least over pack for all kinds of weather.  It could be freezing cold one day and hot as hell the next day.  (Ed note: she's right, we went from low 50s to high 80s in less than a week)
7) Save your money on the brownies!
8) If you plan on going to an erotic show make sure your traveling with someone who is into the same kind of kinky stuff you are ; )
9) If you think the boy siting near you on the bridge is upset over a girl making out with some other guy, you could be right, but don't be surprised if he turns to the guy next to him and starts making out with him.
10) 1 week in Europe is never enough time to spend with your friend drinking wine, eating 2-3 desserts a day and walking till your feet feel like they are about to fall off.

Thanks for everything Holz!

Wow... a bunch of those are seriously funny and possibly inside jokes, but I'm sure you get the picture.  I am so glad to hear Gabby had a good time!!!!


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