Friday, April 30, 2010

A word about my bag

First things first, apologies for all the smack talking I did when I bragged to you all about how I was only bringing a carry on for my 3 month trip.  Those of you that know me well enough justifiably balked at the idea of this.  Yes, I am a self admitted clothes horse and packing light for this trip was more difficult than I had anticipated.  That said, my "carry on" was checked once I got to the airport.

LeSportsac weekender, Treesje skull tote, M Z Wallace Clara

Also, thanks to Mindy, this trip has been sponsored by M Z Wallace (meri beaucoup!)


While you were sleeping

Tuesday night, flight to London Heathrow, when boarding the plane why do they make you walk past the luxurious sleeper seats before getting to what has to be the most cramped seat I have ever been in on a transatlantic flight?  Ok British Airways, you got me, I'm totally springing for the space ship looking sleeper seats next time.  Damn you!

Although, props on the food, or more accurately thank you for the complementary wine!

In house entertainment was plentiful, except all the movies shown were ones I saw during my holiday movie binge.  And you will never believe this, but the airline was also showing Avatar, on a tiny screen on the back of my fellow passenger's seat!  I didn't watch it in the theater and I sure as hell didn't watch it on the plane!

 sunrise over the atlantic

It was only a 45 minute flight from London to Paris.  Once we reached Paris I thought it would be smooth sailing to my rental flat.  Boy was I wrong!  Luggage retrieval took forever and then I was unable to buy a bus ticket because the french machine, being french, wouldn't take my American credit card.  After I went to the ATM, then bought a water (3 euros thankyouverymuch) I finally had the change to take the bus.  Another hour and a cab ride later, I was deposited at my final destination: 40 Rue Des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement.

Exhausted and a little overwhelmed, I just needed to check in with the owner and then I could finally take a much needed nap!


Awaaaay we go!

On Tuesday, April 27th I boarded a plane to Paris, France and left my friends, apartment and life back home in New York for what is planned to be one of the most fun, exciting and challenging trips I 've ever taken.  I have never been away from my family and friends for this long.  Luckily, with the magic of technology I am not only able to take you all with me, but talk to you on a daily basis too!

As Jo so kindly toasted at dinner Monday night, here is to a wonderful adventure and to sharing it with all of you every step of the way.